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    Jack S (RJ Football)

    " Bryan has NEVER forced his products on us. There was no 'hard sale' and we appreciated that"

    We brought our 15-year-old son to Muscle Max Lone Tree as suggested by our high school coach. While our son is a good athlete, he needed to gain some muscle and strength in order to take it to the next level.


    While I have done a lot of research about nutrition and weight loss, I had no idea how a diet can be targeted for positive weight gain. We always figured we feed him cheeseburgers and milk shakes and the pounds will just come on. This couldn't be further from the truth.


    Our family met with Bryan Cash of Max Muscle Lone Tree and he immediately had great suggestions. My favorite part is how right away he got our son involved in the process. By asking several easy questions- the first of which was "What do guys playing your position in division 1 NCAA weigh?"- we were underway. Bryan was quickly able to determine that our son was burning more calories than he was putting in his body primarily because of his food options. Our son is a picky eater, but was committed to putting on weight and staying with this program. In about six weeks he has put on over seven pounds of good weight.


    During our meeting with Bryan, he presented our options in a simple and sensible way. He did not try to get our son to eat things he usually doesn't, he just took the items we prepare every day and improved on their contents and portion. This allowed us to make small changes without discouraging our son and without forcing him to eat things we knew he just would not. Most importantly, Bryan made certain the whole family can eat together as opposed to our son feeling alienated at dinner time. Bryan has been involved in every step of the process and we could not be happier with the results.


    Also worth noting, Bryan has NEVER forced his products on us. There was no "hard sale" and we appreciated that. When he suggested protein shakes and we advised we had some already from a competitor, Bryan encouraged us to use that up before moving on to other products and showing us what Muscle Max can offer. Upon signing up for the program, Bryan explained that the goal is for us to do a few brief months with him, but then go on our own. He never manipulated us to sign up for really long contracts. Per Bryan, his goal is to start us off with him and have us continue on our own going forward. Bryan makes himself available all the time and responds quickly to questions we present. While the entire family is committed to the process, Bryan's insight and support has been invaluable and there is not doubt in my mind our son will reach his goal.

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    Andrew (MV Lacrosse)

    "His speed and endurance have substantially increased... His body fat has decreased from 15.2% to 11.7%, a remarkable reduction in a short time​"

    When we first heard about the Nutrition Plan offered to the lacrosse players, we were a bit hesitant due to the level of commitment required and the motivation and discipline our son Andrew would have to display to realize the benefits. Based on positive comments from other lacrosse players and families, we decided to meet with Bryan Cash to hear more about the program. Bryan spent considerable time talking with Andrew about his goals, current nutrition and fitness routine. Most importantly he emphasized that he did not want Andrew to sign up unless he was willing to assume the personal responsibility for his own success in the program. From that moment forward, we knew the program was exactly what Andrew needed to increase his speed, endurance, overall fitness level and improve his ability to establish and achieve personal goals.


    Bryan immediately set goals based on Andrew’s fitness level and created a nutrition plan to help him achieve those goals. We were very impressed by Bryan’s knowledge and commitment to provide Andrew the tools, guidance and motivation to succeed. Bryan incorporated foods that Andrew enjoyed and designed a daily meal plan tailored to Andrew’s daily activity levels. In the 6 weeks that Andrew has been participating, we have seen a notable difference in his fitness level and stamina. His speed and endurance have substantially increased and he is reaching his weight and body composition goals. His body fat has decreased from 15.2% to 11.7%, a remarkable reduction in a short time.


    We have been most impressed by Bryan’s ability to motivate Andrew by incorporating a “team” approach based on frequent communication and feedback. This program requires discipline but the rewards are tremendous. In addition to the increased fitness levels, Andrew’s on-field confidence, energy levels and muscle growth have all increased. Thanks to Bryan and his program, Andrew now chooses to eat well-balanced meals as he understands the direct impact that diet has on health and performance.

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    Nick M (MMA Fighter)

    "I can't believe the impact these products have had on my workouts​"

    My name is Nick Macias and I'm a professional fighter training out of Factory X Muay Thai in Littleton, Colorado. I was introduced to Bryan Cash, the owner of the Max Muscle in the Littleton/Highlands Ranch Area. He got me taking several of the Max Muscle brand supplements and the products are amazing. Right now I'm taking two daily doses of Max CLA, a pre workout supplement called Xtinguisher, a post workout supplement called ARM and another supplement called EnduroMax for the nights that I have back to back workouts.

    I have got to say that in the past I never really used supplements and I have been enduring a pretty high physical demand since I began training MMA. With that said I can't believe the impact these products have had on my workouts. The combination of the pre and post workout supplements has led to significant reductions in my overall fatigue both through the training and the course of the day. My recovery time is significantly less as well, I no longer deal with the sense of dread that comes with knowing you've got three hours in the gym when you're still dragging from the previous nights training.

    Another bonus with these supplements is they don't mess with my stomach. I've experimented with other products briefly in the past and across the board they almost always upset my stomach which either leads to uncomfortable training or a bad nights sleep. Honestly no matter what your situation is, whether you're a part-time gym rat, or a professional fighter, it would be in your best interest to head down to the Highlands Ranch location and meet with Bryan to see what he can do for you. He's also a certified sports nutrition coach so if you have specific dietary needs he can address those as well, again anything from losing weight to gaining muscle and the diet plans have considerable flexibility to meet your taste (really beneficial if you're a bit picky like myself).

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    Logan B (MV Lacrosse)

    "In the first two weeks I already started to see results. I was dropping body fat and gaining weight "

    At the end of summer in mid August, I suffered a knee injury during a lacrosse game in which I tore my ACL, meniscus, and partially tore my MCL. It's a nine month recovery which includes a lot of lifting and a lot of physical therapy.


    Since I was going to be out for the whole off-season and the majority of the regular season, I wanted to find a good way to keep my body strong and shorten my recovery time. This is the time where I met with Bryan Cash. I had heard about him and his program through my high school lacrosse coach, Jake Herman, but I wanted to see what it was all about.


    I was skeptical at first, I wasn't really sure if I was ready to make the switch from my routine diet of mainly carbs and not enough proteins, but I decided to try it out. In the first two weeks I already started to see results. I was dropping body fat and gaining weight, which was ultimately my goal through the whole process. You would think that seeing results that quickly and significant would require some crazy meal plan with all these weird foods, but it all consists of regular foods that taste good too. In the end, I'm beyond thankful for Bryan and the program thus far and I can't wait to continue it and see my results improve even more down the road.

  • Everyday individuals

    Those who simply want to life a healthy life

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    Heidi E

    "Megan taught me that I could feel satisfied at the end of my day & that I didn't need to starve myself to become leaner"

    I couldn't be more thrilled with the knowledge and improved health that I have gained from the help of Megan Casey and Max Muscle! When I first came to Megan, I had finally been in the habit of working out regularly but I was lacking true results because of my poor food choices. Megan took the time to educate me thoroughly on proper nutrition and quality supplements for my goals. She put together a food plan that immediatley started helping my hard work in the gym payoff! To my relief, Megan taught me that I could feel satisfied at the end of my day and that I didn't need to starve myself to become leaner. With the invaluable information that Megan gave to me, I now feel confident that I can finally maintain my health and enjoy my new shape! I will be forever indebted to Megan for changing my life!

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    Brandon S

    "I had the confidence to pass the physical ability test for my dream job in the fire department, and get hired!"

    Megan is the real deal! I started going to Megan around March of 2016. When I first went to see her I was nervous and very self-conscious, but she was so kind and welcoming those feelings quickly went away. When I began with Megan I was over 290 lbs, 25% body fat, and just overall unhealthy.


    During my long journey with her, I was able to lose 70 lbs and 12% body fat. Megan knows what she is doing when it comes to all sorts of diets. The meal plan that she had put together for me was easy to understand and follow. I looked forward to my meetings with her every week not only to see my progress, but because she quickly became one of my favorite people to just talk about life with. Thanks to Megan I had the self-confidence to enjoy my life.


    I had the self-confidence to pursue my now fiancee. I had the confidence to pass the physical ability test for my dream job in the fire department, and get hired! Even after I stopped using her as my nutritionist I could message her anytime with questions that I had about diet and exercise. Megan is one of the coolest people I know, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to succeed in their lifestyle change of getting healthy.

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    Krystal S

    "I value my money and where my money goes...and Max Muscle is now my number 1!"

    Okay, so I just have to say that I LOVE Max Muscle and although Supplement Giant has been my number 1 store for a while now (only because an ex bf recommended it towards the beginning of my journey 🙄) they have NEVER been as supportive as Max Muscle has been towards me and my journey. I value my money and where my money goes because I don’t have a lot of it and I just wanted to say thank you and that Max Muscle is now my number 1!!


    Now, I’m going off of my own thoughts and opinions and not some recommendation because I now have a solid foundation of what I’m looking for in fitness and life, etc. I still like Supplement Giant, but I’d rather my funds go to a company who engages with their audience the way that Max Muscle does who also has amazing products and a very knowledgeable staff! I was soooo surprised that Cathy remembered me when I took advantage of one of the sales you had going on!


    In short: thank you for the support. People like me need that and it is much appreciated 👏🏽🎉🙌🏽

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    Kim J

    "I ate a huge variety of foods...which gave me the confidence that I can maintain this weight and lifestyle long-term "

    Kim started working with Megan from January-April 2018 for the LFT 90 day challenge. During that time she lost 17lbs, 9% body fat, 4.5" off her chest, 4" off the waist, and 4" off the hips. She did this by being consistent with her nutrition and working out 2-3 times a week!


    Kim's Testimonial:

    Megan put together a simple plan to follow where I wasn't starving myself to get to my goal. I never felt deprived and I ate a huge variety of foods so I never got burned out on it which gave me the confidence that I can maintain this weight and lifestyle long term. Like most people, I am very busy with full-time work and I'm a single parent to two girls and this was easy to incorporate into an already hectic life. Megan is positive and encouraging and there is absolutely no judgment for where you are or how you got there. And if you have a bad week, no criticism ... just get back on track and stay focused on the goal. Thanks Megan!

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    Tiffany M

    "Now I’m healthy and happy more so than I have ever been"

    My best weight loss tip would have to be to keep pushing. When you think you don’t have any more left to give keep going. There is always more there, you just have to find it.What worked best for me to help me lose weight was to remember how amazing it felt it to be on a mat rolling. Jiujitsu was for me an amazing part of my life and when I got sick with MS I gave up and let myself go.


    I was not happy and my body was showing it and it was taking its toll. Now I’m healthy and happy more so than I have ever been. It’s all about the end result and whether or not you have the strength to push it. My favorite healthy snack is almond spread and apples. Stay away from junk food, it’s faster and easier to get junk food but your body will not thank you.

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    Steve V

    "I smile all the time and am a completely different person today than I was 3 months ago"

    I came to Megan Casey at Max Muscle and Live For This Fitness a broken, depressed, overweight and extremely out of shape man. Megan helped me to build an eating plan that I can live with for the rest of my life. She was flexible and offered ideas and suggestions if something wasn't working and helped me to develop a way I can eat for the rest of my life. Not a DIET!! Diets never work long term!!

    Megan was helpful, positive, flexible, knowledgeable and passionate about helping me to change my life. In 90 days I have lost 30 pounds but more importantly changed my life. She has helped me to have a more positive outlook on life, I smile all the time and am a completely different person today than I was 3 months ago. I could not have done this without Megan.


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    Jason B

    "What a difference hitting those macros makes"

    Feel AMAZING!! Haven’t weighed myself since we met the first time.. which I’m ok with. Can’t believe I was UNDER eating for so long. What a difference hitting those macros makes. I have energy all day. I’m hoping my body fat is going down. I’ve noticed my work pants fitting a little bigger around the waist, which I love. But seriously, one of the best diets and workouts I’ve ever been on. Legs feel bigger and starting to see some an definition again.. FINALLY haha. Strength is about the same everywhere except my back and that’s just getting stronger which I also love. Again, Thank you so much.

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    Crissy & Derek H

    "The changes we made in nutrition are now going to stick well beyond challenge and we consider it a complete lifestyle change​​"

    Crissy and Derek came from their LFT 90 Day Challenge. Together they lost a total of 15lbs and 10% body fat! They were able to hold each other accountable through this process and come together for great successes.


    Their testimonial:

    I recently participated in a 90 day transformation challenge at my gym and only had one concern entering the challenge...nutrition. The exercise part was easy as I was already working out 5-6 times a week; however, I’ve always struggled with nutrition. My wife and I met with Megan, discussed our goals and she laid out a meal plan for us to follow. The meal plan and meal prepping was hard to get into at first but as the challenge progressed, it got much easier. The meal plan included foods that I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat at first but when portioned out properly, I was able to eat them and stay satisfied throughout the day. Meal prepping also became easier and took less time as the challenge went on. At the end of the challenge both my wife and I made significant progress and were very grateful for the help that Megan gave us throughout the challenge. The changes we made in nutrition are now going to stick well beyond challenge and we consider it a complete lifestyle change.

  • Fitness Competitors

    Fitness has become a way of life

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    Matt L

    "Megan has been a phenomenal resource to keep me healthy and strong."

    I cannot say enough positive things about Megan as a coach, mentor, athlete, and person. As I have been making my way through this wide world of fitness she has been the single most important contributor to my continued success.

    I began working with Megan a little over 3 years ago. I had taken an interest in competing in Men’s Physique bodybuilding but had no idea how to put that goal into action. With Megan’s extensive experience competing and coaching I couldn’t imagine having anyone more qualified by my side. Megan managed my entire program including my diet, workouts, show prep, and was invaluable amidst the chaos of show day.


    During my prep, I encountered some of the most physically demanding challenges I had ever faced but Megan was always 100% there to support and guide me. I recall midway through prep, with the show date bearing down on me, I hit a plateau in my cut. I just stopped making progress and I had no idea why. Megan’s expertise was key in how we adjusted my diet, her firsthand knowledge of bodybuilding guided changes to my workouts, and her genuine positivity gave me confidence in my ability to succeed. I knew I could trust in her to get me to the finish line. Sure enough, she made a few small changes and the pounds were once again flying off as we cruised into the show where I was awarded an NPC national qualification. Without Megan, I would have never been able to accomplish any of this.


    Since the show, Megan has continued to work with me on my bodybuilding goals and has coached me through a second Men’s Physique competition. After a few minor injuries last year I have refocused a lot of my gym time trying to improve my lifting and train more effectively. As a USPA powerlifting national record holder, Megan has been a phenomenal resource to keep me healthy and strong. Her recent accomplishments in the USPA are awe-inspiring but even more so is how open she is to sharing her experiences to help others.


    Megan has been such an instrumental part of my life I couldn’t imagine missing out on having her as a coach. She is one of the most talented, genuine, charismatic, knowledgeable, and gifted people I have ever had the privilege to know. I am consistently grateful that I have a coach and friend as wonderful as Megan, I don’t know what I would do without her.

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    Julie B

    "Every time I walked into the Max Muscle South Metro store I was greeted by someone who was ready and knowledgeable to help me"

    I went to see Megan Casey at Max Muscle South Metro at the beginning of 2016 planning on competing in my first NPC Bikini Competition in July. Megan listened to my food likes and dislikes and designed a nutrition plan and a workout plan for me to get going. We met monthly for measurements, pictures, and weigh ins. She would tweak the plans as needed. When I had to have emergency stomach surgery in May, she knew I didn't want to give up, so she didn't either. She gave me a nutrition plan to keep me on track while I couldn't train, and then when I could start training again, to ease me back in to my training so I wouldn't have any complications.


    I just competed in the NPC Rocky Mountain. I finished 2nd in the Masters 50+ and 5th in the Novice A. I am very proud to be a 51 year old Mother of four and know that age is just a number for me. It will never be my excuse. I already know the areas I need to improve on, and plan to compete again.


    From start to finish, Megan treated me like I was her only client. The day after my Competition she sent me my Reverse Diet and a new workout plan. We are already focusing on my 2017 Goals. Every time I walked into the Max Muscle South Metro store I was greeted by someone who was ready and knowledgeable to help me. The entire staff is ready and trained to help no matter what your goals are.

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    Shaun T

    "The staff of Max Muscle Highlands Ranch greatly enhanced my knowledge regarding supplementation and provided great products helping me reach my goals​​"

    In 2009, I would have never imagined that I would be stepping on stage for my first bodybuilding competition. I stood at 5'10", overweight weighing 250 lbs and was a size 46 waist. I felt defeated, after quitting my gym membership earlier in the year because I wasn't making any progress and felt burnt out. Also my diet which consisted of fast food burgers and fries which is why there was no change.

    I wanted to start a new life. I started up again in October after developing a training plan suitable for me and cleaning up my diet. My goal was strictly aimed at losing fat. I was amazed how fast I was changing visibly. By January 2010 I dropped 45 lbs weighing in at 205 lbs. I then decided to add more muscle mass.

    While training, I would be approached by individuals who have paid attention to my progress the past few months seeking advice. One person in particular asked if I was a bodybuilder and to see if I was seeking a training partner. He was competing in April and wanted to add some muscle before dropping fat prior to show time. He was already lean to begin with but started cutting two months out from the competition. I decided to use the April competition show time to see how lean I was able to get. By April 28th, I was down to 5.39% body fat. I was committed at this point and decided to compete at the next competition in June.

    I stayed motivated because of my progress in the mirror and decreased body fat. I sought out additional advice from people who have competed before and adjusted my diet accordingly. The staff of Max Muscle Highlands Ranch greatly enhanced my knowledge regarding supplementation and provided great products helping me reach my goals. I was always able to seek advice from the staff throughout contest preparation. They were also able to help fine tweak my nutrition plan and monitor body fat percentages leading up to the competition. I wasn't perfect by any means but was able to stay on track most of the time. Max Muscle helped me find additional assistance from a posing coach to fine tune my posing and personal routine the last two weeks of preparation.

    Finally, it was show time. After months of training and dieting, I looked back being on stage seemed like a blip of the entire process. I was pumped and ready to go. During the award presentations, I was feeling on top of the world. I had achieved the physique I strived so hard to for. I won first place trophy in the novice heavyweight class and I took the novice class overall. To my surprise, I was called up again for the open light heavyweight class taking home additional hardware for a 4th finish. At that point, I was hooked. I can compete at this level and hold my own.