• Research / Resources for you

    In this section, you can find articles done by reliable studies conducted by research groups. The articles include results and findings with science-based evidence. For those who want to dive deeper into the science behind supplements, health, and nutrition

  • 5 Scandinavian secrets to a happier, healthier life

    An insight to Scandinavian peoples' life philosophy and approach to wellness. Simple practices you can apply to your daily life.

  • phosphatidic acid: muscle enhancer or myth?

    A closer look at Phosphatidic Acid and its benefits for muscle growth.

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  • Safety & Efficacy of Creatine in Exercise, sport, and medicine

    A Published review done by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN)

  • Beyond muscle: the effects of creatine

    supplementation on brain creatine, cognitive

    processing, and traumatic brain injury

    A published review done by European Journal of Sport Science

  • basics of Metabolism

    A great in-depth breakdown of how metabolism works.

    This is not to provide medical advice but is purely for educational purposes. A good way to learn about your body and how it works!