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    We've Got A Top Notch Staff

    Bryan Cash

    Owner & Professional Firefighter

    Bryan Cash is a certified sports nutrition specialist. Bryan also works for the Denver Fire Department as a full-time firefighter and EMT. In his early twenties, Bryan worked for the United States Forest Service in Montana. From 2003-2008 he worked as a full-time firefighter for Vail Fire Department. In 2008 Bryan competed in toughest competitor alive (TCA) in the Police and Fire games where he took 1st place in bench press and 2nd place in the pull-up sections. Also, in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, Bryan competed at the individual level and qualified for worlds, where he competed in Vegas!

    When Bryan is not at the fire-house, the gym, or at Max Muscle, he is investing time for charity and community outreach projects. He has been involved in the Denver Marathon to support and raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

    As the franchisee of the Max Muscle Store in Lone Tree & Centennial, Bryan seeks the challenge of business ownership, opportunities to increase involvement of community outreach and charity events, promote a healthy lifestyle, educate consumers about Max Muscle products and nutrition, help others achieve their fitness goals and continue to promote a lifelong interest for fitness as a lifestyle.

    Megan Casey

    Personal Trainer & Certified Nutritionist

    Megan Casey has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and a Master's Degree in Sport & Exercise Science. Prior to becoming the Nutrition Director at Max Muscle, Megan was a Licensed Addictions Therapist. She has found that her work as a therapist strongly translates to working with people on their health and nutrition goals.


    Megan has been a lifetime athlete. She ran Division 1 track and field through her first Bachelor's Degree. She has also competed at the elite level in Spartan races, bodybuilding and currently powerlifting. Megan enjoys helping people from all walks of life find their way through health and fitness!

    Rod English

    Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer

    Rod English is a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, that has been in the industry for close to 7 years. Rod and his wife currently own a private personal training facility named Bronyx Strength & Performance in Centennial, CO.


    Rod has been with us for almost 4 years now! He was drawn to working with Max Muscle South Metro because of the scientific influence they have on the supplement industry. Working with clients and supplements go hand in hand! Rod English plans on continuing his journey with Max Muscle South Metro and having a major influence in the fitness industry through science and movement.

    Matthew Byrnes

    Nutrition Coach

    Matthew Byrnes is currently working on his Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a Minor in Philosophy. Matthew has been into bodybuilding & weight training for over 7 years!


    Growing up, Matthew was never the athletic type. Instead was a lanky skateboarder who never worked out. Matthew eventually found his way into Max Muscle South Metro and the gym during his senior year of high school, and his life has changed drastically since. He has now been with Max Muscle South Metro for over 3 years helping change other people's lives!

    Ben Hong

    Nutrition Coach

    Ben Hong has been in the world of weightlifting & bodybuilding for the last 8 years! Ben was previously pre-diabetic until he stepped into our Lone Tree Store. With the help of our staff at Max Muscle South Metro, he is no longer pre-diabetic and now living a much healthier lifestyle!


    Ben is Currently studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. He loves to learn about supplementation & nutrition and the science behind it. Ben is a big fan of the ketogenic diet and the health benefits along with it! Any questions about the ketogenic diet, Ben is your man!

    Reed Ronan

    Nutrition Coach

    Reed is a rugby player in the Denver area and an assistant coach with Regis University Rugby Club. He played rugby and attended undergrad at Loyola University Chicago and is also working on his Master’s degree in Counseling at Regis University.


    Reed's been into fitness and nutrition since he was in high school and has been taking Max Muscle supplements since then. For about 8 years now. Reed joined the Max Muscle team because he really believes in this product and how it can help people reach a goal they’re setting for themselves and live a healthier, fuller life.


    Donovan Ronan

    Nutrition Coach

    Donovan Ronan has been using Max muscle products for around eight years now. He started when he was trying to cut weight for wrestling and wanted to do it as healthy as possible.


    He is currently a coach for Regis Jesuit High School wrestling. Donovan is the president and captain of Regis University Rugby Club, as well as a co-founder and player for Scalliwags Sevens. A club that Max Muscle South Metro currently sponsors.


    Donovan does many of our sampling events, catch him at local fitness gyms with samples our our best products for you to try and take home!

    Tyler Sodia

    Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach

    Tyler Sodia is a science freak. He's always been interested in science, but his interest in fitness and nutrition started in high school when he stepped into our Lone Tree store for the first time. Fast forward 8 years, and he is now one of our nutrition coaches!


    Tyler is working on his Bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition & Dietetics with a Minor in Biology! Weight training and eating cheat meals are some things he specializes in. When he's not eating a cheat meal, weight training, or reading a textbook, he's making goofy videos to post on our social media.