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    Supplements & Much More

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    Sports Supplementation

    Bring out your inner athlete

    Max Muscle South Metro offers supplements for all aspects of your active lifestyle. We work with local athletes at high school, collegiate level, & even professional athletes to help them reach their next level & perform at their best when it matters the most.


    Many student athletes have changed their game and push their performance to the next level through proper nutrition and supplementation. With our guidance and knowledge, the student athlete in your life can take their performance up a notch too.

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    Nutrition Planning

    Live a healthy life

    Our certified nutritionists create tailored nutrition plans specific to you & your goals. Whether your trying to lose fat, gain muscle, or just live a healthier lifestyle, we can help you reach your goals! Our nutritionists have helped numerous clients achieve their goals and changed their lives.


    Contact us today for a FREE Consultation

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    General Health

    Essential Vitamins & Minerals

    If you're just looking for supplementation to keep a healthy lifestyle, we've got you covered. Max Muscle South Metro carries a wide variety of essential vitamins & nootropics. We carry products for joint support, natural testosterone boosters, brain health, collagen, MCT oils, and much more.

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    Inbody Analysis

    Know more about your own body

    We can offer an Inbody Analysis Machine which can accurately breakdown your body composition. This machine goes beyond just telling your weight. You'll know your lean muscle mass, water weightbody fat percentage, and more!


    You get one of the most accurate breakdowns of your body composition. No more guess work, you will be able to look at your progress and adjust your goals.

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    We Ship

    The best supplements

    right at your doorstep

    If you can't make it in store, we've got you covered. Place your order over the phone or fill out the form (click on image) and a team member at Max Muscle South Metro will ship your supplements directly to your door.


    FREE domestic shipping on all orders over $75

    (excludes Hawaii & Alaska)

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    Solution Based Supplementation

    Supplements for all stages of life

    Everyone is different. Different people at different ages require different supplements. Our knowledgeable staff & will give you proper nutritional guidelines to help your body feel its best. Recommending only the proper vitamin stacks to help give your body the most benefit .

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    Community Outreach

    Helping our community flourish

    At Max Muscle South Metro, we are focused on helping other local businesses and corporations reach their health goals! We work with a wide variety of companies, hold health seminars and develop fitness challenges. Companies we have teamed up with include: Mountain Vista High School, Tru Fit Gym, LFT, UC Health, Charles Schwab, CH2M engineering firm and many more!


    If you'd like to partner with us, click on the picture and fill out the form!