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Max Muscle South Metro offers professional one on one nutrition coaching and meal planning.  We have helped hundreds of successful clients loose weight, burn fat, build muscle, and increase athletic performance.  Our certified staff are the most experienced and best educated coaches around.  Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation to get some great advice and learn more about how we can help you get results tailored to your specific needs.


The reality is there is no cookie cutter approach to nutrition; one size does not fit all.  However, there are some basic principles that dictate fat loss.  Our Goal is not only to teach you what to eat, but to help you learn why you are eating it.  This will allow for continued success after you complete a customized nutrition plan.  Our nutrition coach will provide you with guidance, support, and information needed to achieve your desired weight loss or performance goals and maintain your results.  We always teach whole food first and make sure that your plan is written just for you.

Package Details

Our nutrition plans consist of a package of one on one coaching sessions with a certified nutrition coach.  This begins with a thorough assessment and consultation to set goals and get you started.  We also provide a custom multi-day meal plan written just for you with recipes and a variety of foods to meet your individual preferences and account for any dietary restrictions.  All packages also include a discount on any nutritional supplements you may want.  Purchase of our nutritional supplements is never required as part of our meal planing process.  Our #1 priority to to help you learn about whole food nutrition and use supplements conservatively to support your goals.

Coaching Sessions

Your initial evaluation will take approximately one hour.  This will be a one on one session with your nutrition coach.  We will discuss your goals, food preferences and exercise habits.  Your nutrition coach will measure your weight, body fat % as well as take anthropometirc measurements to track your progress.  With this information in hand your coach will prepare an individualized meal plan for you within 72 hours.  In each follow up appointment we will continue to track your body fat % and measurements.  We will also address any struggles or issues you may have and celebrate your success.  Your plan can be modified each session to make sure you achieve results.   Specific educational topics will also be discussed at each meeting including basic nutrition, macro-nutrients, misconceptions, nutrient timing and nutrition as it relates to physical performance.

We offer a FREE initial consultation to discuss your personal needs and show you how the system works.  

Call us to schedule this free informational assessment and make that decision to adopt healthy nutrition and achieve real results.


Lone Tree: (303) 629-6676 

Centennial: (303) 771-0821

Max Muscle South Metro features the InBody 230 advanced body composition analyzer.  A full report from the InBody is included with each nutrition coaching session to help accurately track your progress and measure your results.

In Body Analyzer   

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